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    Welcome to ASHA International Model School. We are a unique child-friendly vanguard flagship school in Nigeria which offers the Nigeria and British curriculum. Everyone who works here plays an important role in advancing the vision and the mission of the school. Collectively, we help to educate students by allowing them to seek knowledge, build understanding, develop strong Habits of Mind, think about their thinking and strengthen their character. At ASHA International Model School, you will experience a loving and nurturing environment. We maintain a family-like atmosphere and strive for excellence and results. We insist on wholesome interactions, thought provoking classes, exploratory labs, values-based assemblies/programs, highly maintained buildings and beautiful grounds As a internationally recognised Thinking School, ASHA International Model School is positioned like no other institution in Nigeria. We use an organised teaching and learning approach to inspire creative expression. We offer a very distinctive, world-class education for this generation of students. We help them to cultivate deep disciplinary knowledge while learning collaboration and leadership skills. I believe that you will enjoy our website as much as you will love the ASHA experience. We are happy that you chose ASHA International Model School

    Director of Studies and Cambridge Coordinator